So Connected intelligence for remote management of electrical equipment

Thanks to the So Connected app, you've been able to remotely control your electrical equipment should you forget, avoiding potential risks associated with appliances left switched on. This gives you greater convenience and peace of mind, while improving the security of your home.

Simple steps for all

One busy morning, you're getting ready for a busy day at work. You're using your iron to prepare your clothes or cooking a dish in your oven for lunch. You're running late, so you leave home without turning off the oven or unplugging the iron.

When you arrive at work, you realise that you've forgotten to unplug your electrical appliances. Fortunately, you've installed So Connected-compatible smart plugs on these appliances.


1. Installing the So Connected application

First, install the So Connected application on your smartphone. Make sure it is correctly configured and connected to your home equipment.

2. Set up your equipment

You then enter the details of each piece of electrical equipment plugged into a connected socket in the application. So when you open the So Connected application on your smartphone, you'll instantly see the devices connected to your home network.

3. Remote control

You locate the iron and oven in the list of connected appliances. Using the app, you can switch these appliances off remotely by pressing the corresponding buttons.

4. Confirmation

The app confirms that the iron and oven are now switched off, giving you peace of mind during your working day.

5. Notification

You activate the app's notifications to be alerted if an appliance is left on for longer than usual in the future.

6. Return Home

When you return home, you'll be relieved to find that your electrical appliances are switched off and that your home is safe.

Let's go Further

Analyze your energy savings

Over time, you use energy more efficiently. Over time, you use the application to analyse your energy savings. You notice that your electricity bill has gone down.

Integrate other devices

You've also integrated other smart devices, such as presence sensors, smoke detectors and smart thermostats, for even more efficient energy management.

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