So Connected intelligence for senior monitoring and security

By using the So Connected app in this way, you can offer reassuring monitoring for seniors while ensuring their safety and preventing potentially dangerous oversights, such as leaving a hob on.

Simple steps accessible to all

1. Motion and door sensors

Install motion and door sensors in the senior's home, particularly at the entrance, in the kitchen and in frequently visited rooms.

2. Security camera

Connect a security camera to the So Connected app to monitor the senior's activities in real time.

3. Customized notification

Configure the application to receive notifications in the event of unusual movements or abnormal activities. For example, if the senior hasn't moved around the kitchen for a while, you'll receive an alert.

4. Smart hob

Install a smart hob that is compatible with the So Connected app. This hob can be controlled remotely. Use cooking detection sensors on the hob or in the kitchen to monitor cooking activity. If the hob is left on for an abnormally long time, the app will send an alert.

5. Action in case of omission

If you receive a notification that the hob has been on for too long without activity, you can react quickly by remotely switching off the hob via the app.

6. Communication with the senior

Use the app to communicate with the senior, for example by sending them a message or using an audio or video communication function to make sure they're OK.

Let's go Further

Assistance and intervention

In the event of an emergency situation, such as a fall or health problem, the application can be used to quickly contact the emergency services or the senior's relatives for immediate intervention.

Integrate other devices

You've also integrated other smart devices, such as presence sensors, smoke detectors and smart thermostats, for even more efficient energy management.

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