So Connected intelligence for your home security

By using "So Connected", you have total control over the lighting in your home, even when you're at a distance. You can save energy by switching off forgotten lights and increase security by simulating a presence when you're not at home, deterring potential burglars.

Simple steps accessible to all

1. Activating the So Connected application

In the morning, you activate the "So Connected" application on your smartphone or tablet.

2. Lighting control

You realize that you forgot to turn off the lights in your house when you left. Thanks to the app, you can check the lighting status in every room of your home.

3. Motion and brightness detection

So Connected offre également la possibilité d'activer ou d'éteindre automatiquement les lumières lorsque vous entrez ou sortez d'une pièce. Les capteurs de mouvement intégrés détectent votre présence et allument les lumières en cas de faible luminosité. De plus, lorsque vous sortez d'un rayon de 50 mètres des capteurs, l'application peut éteindre toutes les lumières pour vous assurer que vous ne gaspillez pas d'énergie inutilement.

4. Presence simulation

You're planning to go home later in the evening, but you want to deter potential thieves by simulating a presence in the house. You use the "So Connected" application to programme a lighting scenario. For example, you can configure lights to switch on and off automatically in different rooms at random times, thus imitating the presence of people in the house.

5. Remote Control

Later in the evening, when you're on your way home, you can remotely activate the driveway lights before you get home for added security.

6. Setting the Clock

The "So Connected" app also lets you set timetables for the lighting in your home, ensuring that the lights come on and off automatically according to your preferences, even when you're on holiday.

Let's Go Further

Analyse your energy savings

Over time, you use the application to analyse your energy savings. You'll notice that your electricity bill has gone down and that you're using less energy to heat your home. By optimising your lighting, you'll also make savings.

Integrate other devices

You've also integrated other intelligent devices, such as presence sensors, smoke detectors and smart thermostats, for even more efficient energy management.

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