So Connected intelligence to manage your electric radiators

Thanks to the So Connected application, you can not only control your electric radiators remotely, but also optimise the temperature in your home to save energy while maintaining the comfort of your home.

Simple steps accessible to all

1. Installing the So Connected application

First, you install the So Connected application on your smartphone, and configure it to connect to your electric heating system.

2. Radiator settings:

You then entered the details of each radiator in your home into the app. This includes the location (bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc.) and temperature preferences for each room.

3. Create a timetable

You've set up a timetable for your radiators. For example, you have programmed the temperature to be lowered during the day when no one is home, and then raised again before you return.

4. Using the remote control function

One day, you're on your way home early. Using the So Connected app on your smartphone, you turn up the temperature in your living room so that it's nice and warm when you arrive. This saves energy by avoiding unnecessary heating when no one is around.

5. Energy consumption monitoring

The So Connected app allows you to monitor your energy consumption in real time. You can see how much energy is being used to heat each room, which helps you identify areas where you could be saving more.

6. Automatic optimisation

Using built-in temperature sensors and local weather data, the So Connected app can automatically adjust the temperature of each room to optimise energy efficiency. For example, if the sun is shining, the app can reduce heating in rooms exposed to the sun.

Let's go Further !

Energy savings analysis

Over time, you use the app to analyse your energy savings. You'll see that your electricity bill has gone down and that you're using less energy to heat your home.

Integration with other devices

You've also integrated other smart devices, such as presence sensors, smoke detectors and smart thermostats, for even more efficient energy management.

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