Smart plug SOCONNECTED Shelly PLUS S

  • Control your consumables remotely via the SOCONNECTED application
  • Automatic color change depending on consumption
  • Monitoring of socket consumption up to 12A
  • Scenario activation based on the states of connected devices, solar production, solar battery status, weather, time, location, brightness* (*depends on a device with sensor)
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  • Remote Control of Your Appliances via the SOCONNECTED App:

Experience the ultimate convenience with our SOCONNECTED app. Effortlessly control all your devices and electronics directly from your smartphone. Whether you're at home, at the office, or on the go, power over your energy usage is at your fingertips. Simplify your life, save time, and energy with our intuitive technology.

  • Automatic Color Change Based on Consumption:

Give your home a magical touch with our automatic color change feature. Watch your space light up and transform in real-time based on your energy consumption. Create a dynamic ambiance while conserving energy simultaneously. Turn your home into a place where technology meets art.

  • Track Socket Consumption up to 12A:

Take full control of your power usage. Our smart sockets allow you to monitor your consumption accurately, up to 12 amperes. Identify energy hogs, reduce waste, and cut down on your energy bills. The power is quite literally in your hands.

  • Activation of Scenarios

Activation of Scenarios Based on Connected Device States, Solar Energy Production, Solar Battery Status, Weather, Time, Location, Brightness (dependent on a device with a sensor):

Get ready for unparalleled smart automation. Our devices respond to your environment to create tailored scenarios. Depending on your device states, solar energy production, weather conditions, time of day, your location, and brightness*, our intelligent technology triggers scenarios to optimize your energy usage. Create a world where your home anticipates your needs.

Don't miss the opportunity to live in a smarter and more efficient home. With our revolutionary products, every day is a new chance to simplify your life and save energy. Transform your home into a technological and artistic sanctuary where automation enhances your comfort. Order now for an extraordinary experience.

Product Details

Data sheet

Dimensions44 x 44 x 70mm
Compatible socketsCEE 7/1, CEE 7/3 (Type F / Schuko), CEE 7/5 (Type E)
Ambient temperature-20 °C to 40 °C
Max. altitude
Power supply voltage AC230 V ±10 % , 50/60 Hz
Power consumption
Max switching current AC


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