SOCONNECTED Shelly Three-phase meter + intelligent switch

  • Control your consumables remotely via the SOCONNECTED application
  • Measurement of consumption and graphic reading on the application
  • Monitoring 120A consumption per phase (three-phase)
  • Scenario activation based on the states of connected devices, solar production, solar battery status, weather, time, location, brightness* (*depends on a device with sensor)
  • Supplied with 3 current clamps
€204.90 Tax included

  • Control Your Appliances Remotely via the SOCONNECTED App:

Enjoy the convenience of remotely controlling all your appliances with our SOCONNECTED app. Turn your smartphone into a smart remote control that allows you to easily manage your devices from anywhere. No more worrying about leaving something on. Take command of your home with a simple touch.

  • Measure Power Consumption and Graphical Display in the App:

Keep a vigilant eye on your energy consumption levels using our built-in measuring feature. The SOCONNECTED app provides you with a clear and detailed graphical representation of your consumption habits. Understand better where your energy is going and discover ways to save, reducing your energy costs.

  • Monitoring 120A consumption per phase (three-phase):

The 3EM-120A meter allows you to measure up to 120A per phase on your three-phase installation. The 3EM Switch Add-On relay is a simple switch that allows you to activate consumers in relation to the data measured by the meter.

  • Scenario Activation Based on Connected Device States, Solar Energy Production, Solar Battery Status, Weather, Time, Location, Brightness (Dependent on a Sensor-Equipped Device):

Create smart scenarios that adapt to your daily life. Trigger actions based on various variables such as the states of your connected devices, solar energy production, your solar battery's status, weather conditions, time, your location, or even brightness* (when supported by devices with sensors). Make your home a smart environment that responds to your needs and preferences.

Take control of your home's energy management and efficiency to the next level. Our product offers a convenient way to manage your appliances and monitor your consumption. Seize control of your home today.

Product Details

Data sheet

Dimensions94 x 19 x 69mmm
Ambient temperature-20 °C to 40 °C
Max. altitude2000m
Power supply voltage AC380V
Power consumption
Max switching current AC120A/phase


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