Soconnected Shelly Duo connected bulb with colour variation

  • Bulb connected via the SOCONNECTED application
  • Standard E27 socket
  • Power of 9W with possibility of choosing warm/cold white/colors
  • Brightness management
  • Wifi connection
  • Monitoring your own consumption
€13.90 Tax included


Instantly transform the atmosphere in your home with the SOCONNECTED Shelly Duo smart bulb. Infuse color into your life by customizing your lighting to match your preferences. This intelligent bulb, designed to fit standard E27 sockets, offers an endless array of possibilities.

Unleash your creativity by adjusting brightness and changing colors to craft a unique ambiance. The RGBW mode provides two lighting options: color and white. You can personalize your lighting from hundreds of RGB colors and various shades of white to align with your activities or mood.

Children adore playing with colorful lights! Simply replace your regular bulb with the SOCONNECTED smart bulb and make their playtime more interactive while they quickly learn about colors! For bedtime, choose a warm and gentle color to help them relax and adjust the brightness just enough to make them feel secure from lurking monsters without disrupting their sleep. And when you simply desire plain, colorless light, switch your smart bulb to the "White Mode."

The SOCONNECTED Shelly Duo smart bulb not only revolutionizes your lighting but also the ambiance in your home. It adapts to your needs, enabling you to create the perfect atmosphere. Transform your home into a connected and vibrant space with this innovative bulb. Discover a new level of comfort and style today.

Product Details

Data sheet

Dimensions60 x 122mm
Compatible socketsE27
Ambient temperature-20ºC to +40ºC


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